Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I rarely present Webinars on only one market. The last such webinar was my GO FOR THE GOLD bullish forecast that was given PRIOR to the big gold move.

And now, given what I see developing in the ENERGY MARKETS, I have some very specific and possibly amazing forecasts to share with you on all energies including alternative energy.

Thu 29 Oct 2009 12:PM PDT, I will spend 90 mins showing you the following timely & potentially explosively important topics concisely & clearly:
• How will an energy explosion affect metals and interest rates?
• Is uranium a good choice or a waste of your time and money?
• What the long-term cycles are telling us in the energies?
• Will a severe sell off develop before the big bull move?
• Is natural gas still my best pick for a record upmove?
• 10 Energy stocks to consider now for 300% + moves!
• Specific timing triggers & specific price targets,
• ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PLAYS: Which ones are best?
• Five Alternative Energy Stocks,
• Can prices triple over the next 18 months?
• Economic implications of an energy price explosion,
• Will the big money be in the energy services industry?
• Geo-political implications of an energy price explosion
• Your 5-year Energy Investment Strategy for maximum gains,
• ...and much more!!!