Friday, February 13, 2015

Timing and Trading Tools Development Webinar

Think It . Create It. Test It. Trade It.

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Timing and Trading Tools Development Webinar

Jake Bernstein and Chris Moody
  Wednesdays, 25 February & 4, 11,18 March 2015

We will CREATE, CODE, DEVELOP, and BACKTEST an entirely NEW trading system
While you watch and learn, and we will give you the system
when the Webinar series is over*

Have you ever had a great trading idea that needed validation and testing, but which for lack of skill and knowledge in programming, you were unable to test?

Have you ever been frustrated because you were unable to create a highlight bar study or filter or scan to automate your trading indicators, systems, and or signals?

Have you tried to find skilled programmers who also understand trading in order to get your ideas onto the screen and into testing?

Are you uncertain as to whether indicators and/or systems that have been programmed for you are really doing what you want them to do?

Are you looking to make small changes in your procedures in order to test variations for results, but you lack the skills to do so?

I have outstanding news for you!

You don’t have to be a Trade Navigator programmer in order to develop, test and display your trading tools.

For the first time ever - together with trader Chris Moody, an absolutely brilliant technician skilled in developing tools for Genesis Trade Navigator and other platforms - I will present a three-session in-depth educational and eye-opening webinar series to make your life easier, your time efficient, and to help maximize your trading results using the powerful tools on Genesis Trade Navigator. 

What you will learn to do in Genesis:

  • How to set up and modify scans and filters 
  • How to display setups and triggers on charts for my indicators
  • How to create custom scan lists
  • How to create and display custom highlight bar studies
  • How to program trading system ideas
  • How to correctly back test indicator and signals
  • How to use the new Jake2014 scan and filter file
  • How to fine-tune your studies and indicators, and 
  • much more 

What You Will Get

When the webinar series is over you will get a Genesis library file that contains all of the indicators, highlight bar studies, filters, and scans that we created in the webinar series along with a few other custom indicators that I am currently developing. 

Clear and Specific
 You won’t need programming skills in order to learn and benefit from what Chris and I will teach you at the sessions. Even if you don’t want to program your own indicators and studies, the knowledge that you will gain by understanding the Genesis code will prove valuable to you in furthering your understanding of what you’re actually looking at on your Genesis screen.

Chris is a brilliant programmer and an excellent teacher. He has been coding and trading my methods for some time now and knows my work inside out. He has helped me immeasurably in my efficiency and specificity with my own indicators and he will bring similar benefits to you. 


I will show you the practical side of what I do and Chris will teach you the technical
side of how to do it on your own when it comes to developing and using my indicators
and methods.

All sessions recorded for on Demand Viewing

All four 90 minute sessions will be recorded for on demand viewing.

You can come back and study them time and time again to further your knowledge of these powerful tools. And if you can’t attend you can view each session within hours after its completion.

Here’s an Example of what you will learn:

Available For Questions

Because Chris and I want to bring you knowledge and help you get better results we are available to answer your email questions after each session and, of course, we will be available for questions and answers during the session so that you don’t get lost in the material.

Without a doubt our focus will be on helping you use computer technology and the Genesis program to become a better, more consistent, and more profitable trader whether you're trading stocks futures or 4X.

I will show a number of indicators at this series that I have never previously shared at any webinar and Chris and I will provide you the Genesis highlight bars so you can display them on your own charts as well.

Learn how to do stuff like this:

* We will do our best to develop a winning system in the 3 sessions.
We will teach you the process but we cannot guarantee profits.

Best of trading,