Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jake Bernstein 2015 Webinar Package

The Insanity Continues
My flat-fee all inclusive Webinar Package for 2015
Your BIGGEST Savings of the Yea

*Offer expires OCTOBER 15, 2014 

Dear Trader:

Many of you have asked me to repeat my single price webinar package deal offered for all of 2014. In other words, you want access to all my 2015 webinars at a flat all inclusive price that includes every webinar I do on my own, no matter how many I do, and no matter what the total price may be. 

That is a reasonable request because it will save all of us time and money. It will save staff time on processing and you save big bucks!

Here are the big savings facts!

If you had purchased separately all of my webinars in 2014 to date, you would have spent over $5300. But the webinar deal was LESS THAN HALF THE TOTAL PRICE,
so  you got over twice the value.  And the year isn’t even over yet.

More top notch Webinars are coming, including the 3-hour 2015 Forecast,
all as part of the one price package deal.

Here are just a few of the topics I have planned for Webinars in 2015:

  • Advanced Momentum Divergence Timing
  • Long-Term Cycles: the Next Six Years
  • The Mid-2015 Forecast
  • Getting Better Price Fills with the Depth of Market
  • The 2016 Forecast
  • NEW Concepts in Short- Term Swing Trading
  • FOREX Trading Methods that let you Sleep Well
  • How I Use BINARY Options
  • Three New Profit Maximizing Strategies
  • A Comprehensive Spread Trading Strategy
  • Power Trading Tools V (6 sessions)
  • Power Trading Tools VI (6 sessions)
  • Power Trading Tools VII (6 sessions)
  • Day trading Three Live Sessions
  • The Truth about Trader Psychology And Discipline
  • Trading System Development (3 sessions)
  • Trade like an Insider - How to Find and Use Legal inside Information
  • Three New Price Patterns And Their Application
  • Maximizing Profits from Seasonal Trades
  • Curing Bad Trading Habits
  • And more

I will save staff time and money by only having to process your subscription one time.
It is a win/win situation. So save big bucks and get all my webinars for 2015
at the super low discount package deal.

Sign up NOW...Click the link below, before this great offer expires!
This is one heck of a deal...better than last year!
* This offer is not retroactive.

This offer includes all webinars including emergency webinars, with the exception
of special webinars that I will run for current and future mentoring students or
any webinars I speak at, with, and/or for other firms or individuals.
The 2fer promotional card is not applicable with this offer.

P.S. This is truly an incredible offer for you, which will end on October 15, 2014.