Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding and Using Cycles Webinar

Wednesday, 26 FEBRUARY 2014
3:30 - 5:30 PM PST

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Understanding cycles has allowed me to give you some AMAZINGLY correct forecasts
many times, for many years and in many markets,
( as well as in economies and in real estate! ) And YOU can do the same!

Finding, using, projecting and timing cycles MY WAY isn’t difficult.

I can teach it to anyone!
Knowing the cycles has helped me profit handsomely, in many ways!

You don’t need a fancy or expensive program. You can use the cycle finder tool
on Genesis™...and if you don’t have that, you can use a simple count with the
well established and researched cycles lengths that I have already determined
and which I will share with you.


This is Not Hocus Pocus, Mayan Calendar,
Mythical or Mystical Nonsense

This is clear, direct, simple and effective.

Knowing the cycles is a MUST for anyone who farms... or invests, whether
in stocks, commodities or real estate. And you will know them because
I will teach them to you.

...and Cycles will be one of the MOST POWERFUL tools
in your trading arsena

What I will teach you at the CYCLES! Webinar:

What a cycle is and what it is not

Why do cycles exist and are they for real?

Cycles in ALL MAJOR markets

The major economic cycles

The great economists and their cycles work

The “business cycle”

The “real estate cycle”

The Kondratieff Cycle

How to find cycles the fast and easy way

Long-term, intermediate and short-term cycles

Cycles in spreads and ratios

The HUGE combination CYCLES + Commitment of Traders

What the cycles are saying now

Timing and Cycles

Why the cycles are now more important than ever!

When to USE and BELIEVE cycles, and when not to

Combining cycles for best results

Cycles as a SETUP tool in the Setup-Trigger and Follow-Through model

Intraday cycles: fact or fantasy?

My best cycles for traders and investors

Seasonal cycles

How the cycles allow me to consistently and correctly forecast big moves

Do the economic cycles now forecast deflation or inflation?

And much more!

I have been using and researching cycles for over 40 years!
I know the ups and downs (pun intended), as well as the ins and outs of cycles...
and I will share my vast knowledge with you.