Friday, December 28, 2012

P.O.W.A. Trading Webinar

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Place your Orders and Walk  Away 

Get 2013 off to a GREAT START!
Jake Bernstein | POWA Trading Webinar 
Join me for 3 Consecutive Mornings for 60 minutes

22, 23 and 24 January 2013

5:30 AM - 6:30 AM USA Pacific Time


* How to place your orders in the morning and WALK AWAY

* How to FIND stock and futures trades each day and STOP WATCHING
  the stupid machine
* How to set TARGETS, STOPS and entry / exit orders
* 2 EXACT short-term and swing trade methods I will use for these trades

* Watch me enter real orders in one of my accounts based on the PROCESS
  I will teach you
* Watch me follow up orders each day with targets, stops and follow through
* See the day to day consistency and procedure
* See how to do this consistency and with maximum discipline

This is NOT a Day Trading Webinar although some of these trades may turn out 
to be day trades. The emphasis is short term trades in stocks and futures

These are real time real trades with real money, real profits and real losses
backed up my 100% objective real methods and procedures.

So join me for THREE consecutive days... and watch the consistency,
procedure and methods. 

Overcome some of the biggest obstacles to success with clarity and objectivity.

All 3 Sessions...recorded for later viewing.

If you can't attend then see the recorded sessions.  
And if you do attend you can review all sessions on demand.

This is the REAL DEAL

I won't bother you with the kind of vague, could be, should be, looks like,
 maybe, seems like, interpretive nonsense that has infected the Internet these days. 

You will get clarity and consistency, and though I will not guarantee profits,
I WILL assure you a positive and productive solid learning experience.  

Learn how to deal with the facts and methods while shutting our the noise
and the nonsense.

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