Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jake Bernstein | ECTS Trading System 2012

  • Exact buy or sell trades
  • 100% objective rules
  • Exact stop losses, targets and trailing stops
  • CLEAR and fully objective signals
  • NO guesswork

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Dear Trader:

I am pleased to announce my NEW Electronic Currency Trading System ECTS/2012.
If you trade currency futures or FOREX then ECTS / 2012 is a must addition to your
arsenal of trading tools.


ECTS / 2012 is based on a powerful application of several momentum measures that find
 and trigger trend changes in selected currency futures.  Signals are combined with precise
 profit targets, stops and trailing stops to maximize profits.


ECTS / 2012 runs under the Genesis Navigator Gold or Platinum platforms.  
It generates an exact daily report for you daily showing current positions, new orders, 
stops and trailing stops.  
If you do not have Genesis we will email you the daily report for one year at no
additional charge.

Jake Bernstein