Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trading Problems Solutions Webinar Series

Announcing a NEW 8 Session Webinar Series
for Real Traders seeking Real Solutions
Every week for 90 minutes for 8 weeks

Trading Problem Solutions Webinar Series

Dear Trader,
Where can traders go to get REAL and ACTIONABLE solutions to real trading problems?
How can traders overcome the seemingly small but serious errors that limit performance?
How can traders rebound after a series of losses?
What personality or behavioral traits correlate closely with success?
How can a profitable trader go to the next success level?
How to determine position size?
Is there a good way to avoid taking small profits and large losses?
Why do most traders miss most good trades and HOW to CHANGE that forever
6 Ways to break losing habits
Breaking the "why does this s&*t always happen to me?" syndrome
So many choices- so little time and to FOCUS
Simplifying the decision-making process - streamlining for maximum performance
Less is more: the profit virtues of keeping things simple

Beginning 5 APRIL 2012, for 8 weeks, I will begin my new webinar
for traders who seek real and actionable answers, as well as solutions
to the most nagging, thorny, debilitating and loss producing problems.

Based on my many trades, my vast experience and significant research,
I will give you my take on how to make the bad stuff end,
and bring out the best in your trading.

Sessions will be on Thursdays for 90 minutes - 8 sessions
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM PST USA

This webinar series will NOT focus on indicators, systems or trading systems.
It will focus on what makes traders lose in spite of their having solid and profitable tools.
We will focus on how to drive that fast car like a pro rather than using it
to kill yourself or others.
If your results are not limited by any of the above issues then this webinar is not for you -
but if you feel you are not fulfilling your potential as a trader, then sign up.
I won't fill your head with psycho-babble or pointy headed academic psychiatric BS...

I'll give you REAL ANSWERS
so that you can start using right away - answers gleaned from my experience
in the markets for over 4 decades.


How it works...
Every week I will tackle two or three specific issues such as those stated above.
I will state the specific problem(s); I will give real market, real trade examples,
and truly actionable concrete solutions!
I am also open to your suggestions and questions every week;
and you can send these to me anonymously if you like.
So if you want real answers from a real trader that make real sense...
without hiding behind a bunch of mumbo jumbo, this IS THE WEBINAR for you.
It will not only be enlightening, but enjoyable, and may well help you achieve
your full profit potential.

If you have questions please write me

Jake Bernstein