Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Critical Elements...

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of totally worthless trading information out there.
And let’s also be real about the fact that the Internet has made matters worse.
The bottom line is that an overwhelming majority of the trading “tools” trading “tips,”
so called systems and methods, are totally useless or worse.
They will waste your money, and more seriously your time.
My work is different. It’s 100% rule-based. It’s 100% objective.

My work has the 5 major elements...
that are utterly lacking in 90% of what is out there today.

I use a crystal clear and concise structure within which EVERY trade must occur

Without ANY interpretation, “looks like” or guesswork EVER!

Every trade by my methods has a danger zone. The danger zone is the time we are
in a trade risking a loss. We are out of the danger zone when we hit our first profit target.
Every trade has a first target. We “live” to get out
of the danger zone so we can have a FREE TRADE.

Without one you are lost and will be relegated to a life of making money for
your broker and breaking even at best, unless you are psychic or make money
by sheer dumb luck . And neither of these are consistent ways to make money.

You need at least one method that works. Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Try and find one! I’ll show you at least SIX of them, but we will focus
on the BEST of the BEST and finally...

What do you do every day? How to get organized? How do you know the trades to make? How do you avoid too much input? How to you allocate resources no matter how much money you have in your account? How do you do things with the least effort, the most clarity and the most accuracy and still have time for a life? I’ll show you in REAL TIME my REAL TRADES in a REAL ACCOUNT as part of this totally focused seminar – hands on and no subjectivity!

Join me and a select group of traders for my
September REAL TIME Trading in San Francisco,
17-19 September 2011 see and learn with total clarity HOW TO put all elements into action.
Strict attendance limit is 50!
Join me for the most thorough, most complete, most professional,
most organized and most hand-on seminar
I have ever presented. Not only will I show you what to do and how to do it ,
but I will ACTUALLY do it in
real time on Monday.

Jake Bernstein