Monday, January 4, 2010

Live 2-Day Trading Webinar Sessions

Mon 11 Jan 6:AM-10:AM PST
Tue 12 Jan 6:AM-10:AM PST
2-Days, 4 Hrs Live with Jake ea Day

JOIN ME! for 2 unforgettable sessions of real trading with real money and professional objectivity. Win, lose or draw it will be a valuable learning experience. Take Advantage of stocks large opening process gaps with my NEW Day Trade the News (DTTN)™ Method!

My last two Short-term and Day Trading Webinars were well attended because I make it my goal to provide 100% objective methods and procedures that are designed to tilt the odds in YOUR FAVOR. In response to numerous requests I will host another Short-Term and Day Trading Webinar-but the approach will be very DIFFERENT in order to MAXIMIZE the learning experience.

Here's what we'll cover:
• I will teach three SPECIFIC day trade and short-term methods.
• I will use LIVE data, while the markets are open to show the signals.
• I will trade the signals real time in a real account from start to finish.
• I will ALSO SHOW YOU my NEW Trade the News (TTN) Method™ that will help you take advantage of large opening price gaps in stocks.
• MOST IMPORTANT of all the Webinar will be divided across two days to maximize the learning process so that you can see how I handle trades from one day to the next.