Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mother of All Commodity Bull Markets!

Well ahead of the HUGE rally in bank stocks, I recommended them... the forecasts were specific, correct and timely. I now have strong technical evidence, as well as cyclical patterns, that tell me we may be on the verge of THE MOTHER OF ALL COMMODITY BULL MARKETS!
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Am I crazy? Have I lost my senses? How can I expect something like that when the prevailing opinions are that the opposite will happen? What do I think I know that some of the most well known economists don't know? Frankly, most of those ivory tower academics were dead wrong before the decline, during the decline, before the rally... and they're still wrong. Why? Where were they when the crisis, seething deep below the surface of a sorely mismanaged and politically expedient economic policy, was burying world economies?

Do fasten your seatbelt. The wild ride that is likely to begin BEFORE the end of this year could be launched by an UTTERLY EXPLOSIVE RISE IN GOLD VERY SOON.

Join me. I will alert you to what may well be THE BIGGEST moves in the history of many markets. If you think my work was correct in forecasting the current moves then YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!